Working Capital Solutions

We believe that combining credit, technology and simple design can help businesses unlock their potential and increase their value.

Helping businesses access capital

FC Capital specialises in designing working capital solutions to help businesses access capital, capture opportunity and drive growth.

Our clientele range from Sole Traders utilising powerful cashflow management software and integrated credit, through to large private enterprises accessing large working capital facilities.

We help our clients with bespoke structuring, advice and credit solutions.

Bespoke Solutions

We pride ourselves on an innovative and solutions based focus; square pegs welcome.

Let’s talk about how we can work with you to drive your business growth

Invoice Discounting

At FC Capital we believe in challenging the status quo and doing this differently. Our Invoice financing facilities are simple, easy to use, and designed to help save business owners time and money; not add hours of compliance to your work load. Our facilities and our people work with businesses to provide real time access to funds and remove the day-to-day effort of standard Invoice Discounting providers.

SME Cashflow Management with FINSTRO

The true holistic management platform that lets you take control and secure your cashflow.
Supplier Finance

Strengthen Supply chain relationships, access bulk order discounts and increase purchasing capacity.

Clear Debts

Access working capital tied up in slow paying debtors and take control of cashflow by clearing invoices.

Cash Advance

Access fast cash with flexible repayments that match your business turnover.

Instalment Terms

Drive sales with an instalment term offering, receive funds upfront, automated payment processing and arrears management.

Our technology manages payment processing, online contracts and arrears management – so you can focus on making sales knowing that cashflow and receivables management are taken care of.